Heating and cooling are a significant portion of your home comfort, but another critical piece is the quality of the air you breathe. Research has shown that the air inside homes and businesses is often much more polluted than outdoor air. Trust Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning to help improve the quality of air in your home.

Types of Air Pollutants 

Indoor air pollution can come in many different shapes and forms, including

  • Dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris
  • Volatile organic compounds/odors
  • Viruses, allergens, bacteria, and mold

Poor Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

Many people suffering from common yet uncomfortable side effects have no idea that their indoor air quality is to blame. These can include

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Allergy-like symptoms
  • Breathing issues
  • Stuffy nose, burning eyes, and scratchy throat

Overly dry air or excessive humidity can also cause moderate health issues, discomfort and wreak havoc on your home. 

Affordable Options to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Today

Nardco Heating and Air Conditioning offers products that can capture particulates, destroy volatile organic compounds, neutralize viruses and bacteria, introduce fresh air into the home, and regulate humidity. These include

  • Media air filters
  • UV air purifiers 
  • Whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Ventilation systems